Corporate Catering

Sustainable Corporate Event? We Cater for You

We specialise in corporate functions, art openings and memorials and cater for events in the Illawarra, South Coast and Sydney region.

We use organic locally grown, pesticide-free fresh produce & dairy, our eggs are locally raised and free roaming, and we ensure that our meat comes from animals that are ethically raised, as nature would have it; grass-fed, free and happy! Our spices, flours, grains & legumes are also organically grown, and our seafood choices are in line with recommendations from the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

All food is lovingly hand-made in our virtual no-waste kitchen! We recycle everything we can; all organic waste is composted in a local Wollongong facility, resulting in only half a garbage bag of non-recyclable/compostable waste each week! In addition, we are the only caterer
in the Illawarra that offers a unique composting service for all serviced functions.

We offer a unique, thoughtful and professional catering experience!

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Download our Terms and Conditions here: Red Kitchen Catering Terms and Conditions

We cater for events in the Illawarra, South Coast and Sydney region.

An Ethical Choice for You – Minimising Waste at Your Function

    • All our organic waste is composted, on site and off site, every bit of it!
    • No plastic packaging.
    • 100% fully biodegradable sugarcane and PLA packaging.
    • No straws (which contribute to landfill).
    • Minimalist approach to avoid waste.
    • Menus contain more vegetables & legumes & less meat.
    • Produce is at least 90% locally grown within the Illawarra region, supporting local organisations
    • All meat is grass fed, free range & organic.
    • Everything that is recyclable is recycled.
  • No chemicals